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Since 2005, CMAT had provided vital medical assistance to people affected by disaster in countries around the world. Canadian donors like you helped us deliver care in many of these countries, including:

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From medical expertise to logistical know-how and administrative experience,  CMAT volunteers are professionals who take the time and their own expense to help those in need in time of crisis.

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CMAT's Field Clinic in Léogâne, Haïti, January - March 2010.

CMAT’s Field Clinic in Léogâne, Haïti: January 2010.


About CMAT:

Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (CMAT) is a Canadian-based grassroots disaster relief organization made up of volunteer health professionals and non-health volunteers who selflessly give their time and resources to assist and provide relief aid to the victims of natural and man-made disasters around the world.

CMAT has been one of the first teams to arrive at the scene of recent global emergencies, and has accumulated a database over one thousand skilled health care professionals from across Canada.

Please consider volunteering or donating to help us help the most vulnerable survivors of disasters.

Latest News

CMAT Team 1 departs for Nepal

CMAT Assessment Team Leader Kate Auger, and Director Dr. Pat San Agustin await instructions in the UN Compound near Kathmandu Airport - April 29, 2015.

CMAT Assessment Team Leader Kate Auger, and Director Dr. Pat San Agustin await instructions in the UN Compound near Kathmandu Airport – April 29, 2015.


Saturday May 2, 2015: The CMAT Assessment team conducted an assessment of the devastated region of Gorkha early Saturday morning, and completed a survey of the city, as well as several rural villages in the environs.

A car is crushed in a rockslide after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal April 25, 2015

A car is crushed in a rockslide after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal April 25, 2015

The devastation in the region was nearly total, as homes and businesses could not withstand the power of the magnitude 7.9 tremor the region experienced on April 25th.  Buildings had collapsed, rockslides blocked roads, and the community has moved to sleeping in the open, terrified of what the next aftershock might bring.

On instruction from the World Health Organization (WHO), the team visited several health facilities, birthing centres and community health centres to get a better picture of the needs of the population, and to report back their findings to the UN Health cluster.  CMAT is to date, the only NGO assigned to this area. The popuulation of the village is about 2500 ppl, and it has a number of outlying communities which can be accessed to do small mobile clinics. This is a key location as it is 25km from the epicentre of the earthquake.

“The biggest concerns are ensuring we monitor for pneumonia and diarrhea, as they pose the greatest outbreak risk at this time,” says Kate Auger, NP, Vice-Chair of CMAT and Team Leader of the assessment team.   “CMAT was the first team on the ground in this location in the very early days after the earthquake.”

Though the trip to Gorkha normally takes only 4-5 hours from Kathmandu, beyond that the team will be travelling through steep mountainous terrain. The road conditions from Kathmandu to Gorkha are excellent, but the passage to the selected site  beyond Gorkha will be much slower as the roads are much more affected.

CMAT Medical Team 1 Departs for Nepal

Nepal Team 1 YVR

CMAT Medical Team 1 gathers at Vancouver International Airport awaiting their flight to Nepal.

CMAT Team 1 was assembled over the past few days, and together with the field hospital, medical equipment and supplies, as well as medications supplied by Health Partners International Canada (HPIC) .  Team members departed from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport, and will be greeted in Kathmandu by the assessment team in the late evening on Sunday May 3, 2015.

CMAT Team 1 Members are:

  • Teresa Berdusco, RN (Team Leader) Edmonton, AB.
  • Lucia Chu, RN from Vancouver, BC
  • Tanya Correa, NP from Toronto, ON
  • Carolyn Davies, NP from Amherstburg, ON
  • Dr. Angela Derksen, MD from Winnipeg, MB
  • Dr. Mark Gallow, MD from Windsor, ON
  • Dr. Brad Granberg, MD from Calgary, AB


    CMAT Team 1 Members setting off from Toronto.

  • Joshua Henshaw, PCP from Victoria, BC
  • Hanna Kabzems, RN from Edmonton, AB
  • Edward Peters, ACP from Burnaby, BC
  • Scott Ryder, PCP, from Surrey, BC
  • Katherine Scott, RN from Canmore, AB
  • Jason Stevens, ACP from Cumberland, BC
  • Kevin Swalwell, Logistics from London, ON
  • Jenette Ziegler, ACP from Burnaby, BC.







Special Thanks!

Nepal Sponsors

CMAT Director of Communications Lesley Eltom accepts a cheque from Arbor Memorial Foundation for CMAT’s relief efforts in Nepal.

CMAT would never be able to get off the ground without the generous help of our sponsors, supporters and donors.  In the first week alone, our fundraising campaign on raised over $40,000!

In addition to our individual donors, CMAT would like to thank the following supporters for their generous support:




CMAT Assessment, K9 and USAR Teams departing; PRELIMINARY call for volunteers and Appeal for donations


EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORMVANCOUVER – CMAT will be deploying its initial disaster assessment team in collaboration with members a British Columbia Canine and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team on Monday, to respond to the earthquake which devastated Nepal early yesterday morning. An emergency appeal for donations has been launched on to help the people of Nepal,

The Rapid Assessment part of the Team will conduct a needs assessment in the devastated areas around the capital of Kathmandu, to ascertain the level of devastation, destroyed infrastructure, and health needs of earthquake – affected persons, in order to prepare for the potential deployment of CMAT’s inflatable field hospital and volunteer medical personnel.

The Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) part of the team will use electronic and mechanical technology to locate, rescue (extricate), and medically stabilize individuals trapped in confined spaces. It is considered a “multi-hazard” discipline, as it may be needed for a variety of emergencies or disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, storms, tornadoes, and floods. The Canine Search part of the team (handler and canine) plays a critical role in structural collapse incidents. The canines locate survivors, using their incredible sense of smell to detect live human scent, even from a survivor buried deep in rubble.

Media are invited to meet with senior CMAT Board member Bill Coltart, and the CMAT Rapid Assessment Team, which consists of:

Dr. Pat San Agustin; Emergency Physician and CMAT Director from Edmonton, AB.
Michael Parker; Primary Care – Paramedic from Edmonton, AB.
Dr. Don Bethune; Emergency Physician from Calgary, AB
Kate Auger*; Emergency Nurse Practitioner and CMAT ViceChair from Collingwood, ON (team leader)
Brandon Duncan*: Registered Nurse from London, ON.
(*both Brandon and Kate are flying separately from Toronto)

Media are also invited to meet both human and canine members of the K9 Search and Rescue Team, which will be collaborating with CMAT in this response:

Mark Pullen, Canine Handler and Hunter, SAR Dog from Bowen Island, BC
Norm MacLeod, Canine Handler and Scribbles, SAR Dog from Mission, BC
Larry Watkinson, Canine Handler and Sammy**, SAR Dog from Mission, BC (**pictured below)
Search and Rescue/ Firefighters from the Lower Mainland.
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015
Time: 23:30pm PT – meet and greet, interview and photo opportunity.
Location: Vancouver International Airport, adjacent to Jade Canoe Sculpture

Preliminary Call for Volunteers
As the details of the destruction trickle in, CMAT it putting out a preliminary call for medical and non-medical volunteers. Depending on the findings of the assessment and USAR teams, CMAT may deploy its inflatable field hospital, and send rotations of teams. If you wish to express your interest in volunteering with CMAT, please register as a volunteer on our website at and complete the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM, (download here) emailed to [email protected]. Please note that volunteers are responsible for the cost of their travel, deployment is NOT confirmed, and is entirely dependant on the findings of the assessment team.

EMERGENCY ALERT: Earthquake in Nepal

Rescuers rush to help victims of the devestating earthquake in Nepal - April 25, 2015

Rescuers rush to help victims of the devestating earthquake in Nepal – April 25, 2015 – courtesy Huffington Post Canada

April 25, 2015: Kathmandu, Nepal – A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the densely populated Kathmandu Valley in Nepal earlier today, killing thousands, and injuring thousands more. It is being recorded as the worst earthquake to hit the country in more than 80 years*, and the death toll continues to rise.

The quake cut off power and left entire homes, temples, and other structures in the area completely destroyed. Hospitals are at their capacity and many people have been forced to take to the streets, left with little or no means of communication.  Devastation from this disaster, which has been considered 16 times more powerful than the quake that shook Haiti in 2010*, has also shook the neighbouring countries of India and Bangladesh.

Nepal’s mountainous terrain will make relief efforts more challenging, and the full extent of destruction will only be known once rural areas outside Kathmandu can be reached.

CMAT has mobilized its assessment team which will be departing for Nepal shortly.  Depending on assessment findings, a call for volunteers may be placed for further support.

Help CMAT provide medical assistance for the Nepali people at this devastating time, when they are most at risk. Donate now, so that together, we can save lives.

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CMAT is also collecting Air Canada Aeroplan miles to help offset the costs of volunteer flights.  You can donate your aeroplan miles here:


*Source: CBC

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